Electronic manufacturing

Electronic manufacturing: In Westport Electronics, we constantly implement and improve equipment and machinery of our SMT department to ensure accuracy, quality, and fast assembly. We seek maximum efficiency, by automating production processes to reduce problems.
Our assembly lines are efficient and in step with the times.
Inside Westport Electronics facilities some EPA areas (Electrostatic Protected Area) have been created to avoid the presence of electrostatic charges that could cause damage to the electronic components, even imposing strict cleanliness rules to ensure our product and process to achieve the high-quality standards required by Automotive and other sectors we work with.
The production department works in close collaboration with the electronic design and prototyping one. This allows to ensure the highest standards of electronic boards and systems, thanks also to the use of state-of-the-art mass production equipment.

Electronic production includes 4 departments:

SMT: surface mount technology for printed circuit board

In our SMT department we use the surface mount technology for printed circuit boards assembly. We continuously invest in equipment and human resources to ensure the highest technology and quality standards, thanks to company’s organisation and know-how.

THT: Pin Through Hole technology for printed circuit board

Despite an increasing orientation towards SMT components, Westport Electronics the THT (Pin Through Hole Technology) electronic components assembly remains crucial, being the construction system traditionally used for printed circuits.

Coating and potting: electronic circuit boards

Our coating and potting department has been oriented to the highest flexibility with the aim to meet the production needs of customers and sectors having different technical requirement and standards. We can realise acrylic and silicone painting, bonding and potting operations.

Functional testing and electronic components assembly

Tests on PBC and electronic components are carried out through dedicated instruments. We have equipment for In-Circuit Tests (ICT) through bed-of-nails technology and Flying Probes. Our R&D department can develop customized solutions upon specific customer request.

SMT department

We structured the area to ensure the highest technology level with:

  • Data Matrix laser marking
  • Silkscreen printing
  • SPI 3D
  • Chip shooter Machine
  • Pick & Place completion
  • AOI Pre Reflow
  • Reflow ovens
  • AOI 3D
  • Traceability of individual component
  • Humidity controlled and ESD Safety department
  • Xray 3D for process control
  • Rework station
  • Air-conditioned warehouses for MSL management

THT department

  • Manual assembly lines
  • Selective soldering line
  • Wave Soldering line
  • Press Fit insert line

Coating & Potting department

  • Automatic tropicalization line with management of
    • Acrylic resin
    • Silicone resin
  • Automatic sealing lines
  • Automatic resin machines for mono-component and bicomponent resins

Testing and final assembly department

  • Electromechanical products assembly lines (custom) or standard
  • Manual or back welding stations 
  • Burn in test
  • Test ICT Flying Probe
  • Test ICT fixture
  • Functional test