Westport Electronics

The Human Touch of Technology

Electronic manufacturing services and smart solutions

ODM design

Electronic systems designed by Westport Electronics are aimed at meeting the technical requirements of the customer. Our experts will support you during all phases of industrial design, from the idea to the development and certification, up serial production.

Prototyping of electronic circuit boards

Westport Electronics pays special attention to the realization of prototyping, considered preparatory activity to the electronic production.

Electronic production

Westport Electronics provides its customers a complete solution. Once the design is decided, the mass production of electronic systems starts.

Turnkey Solutions

Being independent at all stages of the process, Westport Electronics offers electronic components research services, precision electronic and mechanical configuration.

All our work and efforts are aimed at ensuring:





The Company

Westport Electronics, a brand of Westport Fuel Systems, offers its customers electronic manufacturing services depending on the needs and the sector of reference.

Electronic Manufacturing Services - EMS

Manufacturing and testing of electronic circuit boards

Original Design Manufacturing - ODM

Concept, design and development of electronic products

Technology and Know-how

Laboratories and certifications

We are able to support our customers through specific certifications for industrial design, when required.

Industry expertise

Westport Electronics has a diverse customer portfolio and offers electronic manufacturing services both nationally and internationally thanks to its expertise in various sectors.


Quality is what we strive for, our certifications are required to work at the highest quality levels and ensure the engineering of industrial and electronic systems.

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