The History

The company started in 1975 in Cavallermaggiore (Piedmont, Italy) under the name of EL.CA, as a producer of electronics circuit boards. With the new generations it became MTE, developing and intensifying the cooperation with then M.T.M. – BRC Gas Equipment, a world benchmark company in design and manufacturing of automotive LPG and CNG equipment, based in the next town of Cherasco.

In 2011, this close collaboration resulted in the acquisition of MTE by MTM, and consequently the birth of BRC Electronic Division.
The Group’s strategy changed too. The production, aimed exclusively at internal needs until then, now also focused on new customers in many industrial sectors. With the new mission, the Division grows in turnover, but also and above all in human skills and technological investments, managing to guarantee high quality and technology standards, thanks also to the transfer in a new plant in Cherasco, entirely designed and built following the most advanced standards of the electronic field.
After joining the Westport Fuel Systems group in 2016, with new policies aimed at further promoting the Business Unit even outside the automotive sector, the need arises for a new naming and a new brand identity.
And here is the beginning of a new chapter.
The electronic division appears on the market with the new brand Westport Electronics, remaining faithful to the principles that has distinguished the company: Reliability, Competitiveness and Flexibility.